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Educational Entertainment

Entertainment That Enlightens!

I provide engaging and enlightening diversity & inclusion-related entertainment for corporate and community events and retreats.


Participants will learn a thing or two while having tremendous fun; thus, increasing their knowledge of and appreciation for other cultures.


My entertainment inspires people to stretch the limits of their comfort zones, building bridges across cultures.


I offer the following forms of edifying entertainment:

  • Multi-cultural musical performances (singing, dancing, or both)

    •  African traditional, Afropop, Bollywood, belly dance, ballroom, Latin dances, country line dancing, international fusions, and more.

  • Stand-up comedy that enlightens about diversity, inclusion, and equity topics

  • Multi-cultural workout sessions – Certified Nuevo Instructor

  • Multi-cultural dance lessons and line dances for events or parties

    • Country line dancing, Zydeco, etc.

    • African

    • Lebanese

    • Palestinian

    • Caribbean

    • Latin

    • Hip hop

AEG dance 5.JPG
International Peace Village - SDSU (2).j
EE30 - Bollywood performance
Beverly Hills Womens Club - African line

"Setche is unique! She is the product of Americana, the rich blending of soulful Country Western through the lens  of an African immigrant. The sweet sounds are that of two continents,  whose steamy relationship is still evolving.  Crossing the color line in the US has always been a tricky and challenging passage, but Setche  seamlessly enters that journey with  enthusiastic gusto that enlivens both traditions. Her exquisite voice and spirit lifts us in recognition of the joy with which many immigrants embrace Americana,  while she celebrates and enriches her African roots.  I know of no other like her! We encourage  everyone to experience the sheer joy of Setche's music and performances. It is impossible to watch and listen without grinning ear to ear,  your heart will soar, and you will learn and get curious!  Her music is a testament to the  glories of cultural diversity  in these troubled times.  Join Setche in that journey  and the recognition that a new world is possible, and needed!"

--- Martin Eder, General Manager of KNSJ FM - San Diego

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