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Vision, Mission, Strategy 


Maximizing human potential by building bridges that drive inclusion, innovation, development, and empowerment.


My mission is to leverage the transformative power of story-telling, comedy, music, arts, and creative teaching and programming to foster healing, learning, engagement, collaboration, and equity, in groups, organizations, communities, and society.

Key Strategies

Harness the power of individuals to foster the greater good

  • Inspire action and individual commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity and the greater good.

  • Leverage grassroots movements, organizations, and the power of each individual to positively impact their immediate spheres of influence and their communities and society at large.
  • Promote a culture of solidarity, not charity; develop allies, not saviors.

    • Creatively generate awareness about systemic issues and the invisible structural barriers hindering individual, organizational, and societal progress.

    • Enlighten people on the imperative of collective justice & equity in addition to individual kindness.

    • Highlight the disconnect between personal and interpersonal systems of inclusion, and organizational and societal systems of inclusion.


Leverage organizations to foster the greater good


70% of the US population is in the workforce and the workforce is usually the most diverse establishment and rapidly continues to become more diverse. This provides an immense opportunity to create breeding grounds for building bridges across feuding groups in communities and society, thus increasing understanding, collaboration, and prosperity.

  • Leverage the financial power of organizations to provide substantive inclusion, diversity, and equity trainings and programs for all their employees. Changing organizational culture can change societal culture. Positively transformed employees not only become better workers, but also become better family members, community members, and advocates.

  • Help corporations engage not just in building a more inclusive and equitable workforce, but also in building more inclusive, engaged, and equitable communities and world.

  • Partner with organizations to cultivate diverse talent pipelines and provide valuable inclusion, diversity, and equity trainings and tools for community members.

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