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Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (IDE) Training and Consulting

Making learning desirable, relatable, and memorable!

My initiatives inspire interest, action, and individual commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in the workplace, home, and community.

Inclusion is a two-way street. I help employees at all levels develop the competence and self-efficacy to cultivate an inclusive environment for themselves and others.

I use mnemonic teaching and programming methods to creatively draw attention to messages that must be heard, effectively facilitate meaningful and complex dialogue, and drive sensitive information in a safe, receptive, and memorable way.

I help organizations create a culture where discussing inclusion, diversity, and equity issues is normal. I help employees get comfortable with being uncomfortable; being curious and compassionate enough to learn, brave enough to be vulnerable, and humble enough to grow.

All trainings are interactive; fun; incorporate some form of story-telling, comedy, music, or arts; and leverage analogies and illustrations relevant to the organization and its clientele.


Consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • IDE Organizational Assessment​

    • I access where an organization or team is on their IDE journey and recommend the next stage they need to pursue and how.

  • IDE Strategy Development and Implementation​

    • Develop systemic right-for-site IDE strategies and initiatives that align with organizational goals and address specific site needs.

    • Troubleshoot root causes of specific IDE-related issues and recommend solutions.

  • Events Consultation: Leveraging Events for Subconscious Learning​

    • ​Help Employee Resource Groups and company event organizers leverage their events to create subtle actionable learning and bridge-building opportunities while maintaining or augmenting their pizzazz.

  • IDE Recruiting 

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERG) Development, Alignment, or Management​

Training & Bridge-Building

Signature trainings include:​​​

Other signature value-added offerings include:​​​

I partner with other qualified professionals to bring you a variety of specialized IDE trainings as needed.

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (IDE) Awareness Training


Unconscious Bias Training

It will help participants:

  • Understand unconscious bias and how to best disrupt or mitigate it.

  • See how their gut feelings if left unchecked help some and hinder others.

  • Minimize conflict and increase respect, corporation, and fairness in their work.

  • Cultivate trust, empathy, and a sense of belonging in their teams, organizations and communities.

  • Be and feel seen, heard, and known.

Effective Allyship Training


As complex humans with complex multifaceted identities, we all have privilege/advantages in some aspects of our identities and challenges in others to varying degrees. This workshop helps participants identify how to  use their advantages to build bridges fostering inclusion and equity for others. Additionally, it helps members of marginalized communities to more effectively leverage the good intentions of aspiring allies by building bridges that drive lasting transformational impact.



It will help participants:

  • Understand how to be an effective ally - transforming good intentions into valuable and doable actions.

  • Who identify with marginalized groups leverage the different stages of allyship effectively.

  • Understand how to seek/encourage, receive and respond to feedback.

  • Develop the muscles for responding effectively to microaggressions and moving from bystander to upstander.


Casual interactive lunch & learn with cultural display where I share about Africa (history, culture, food, etc.) and dispel common myths. Use my stories and cross-cultural experiences to put things into perspective for better understanding and retention. In the presentation, I can also potentially leverage the experience and insights of a non-African employee who has lived in or visited Africa.

  • This helps participants experience a paradigm shift, thus, becoming less prone to missing opportunities caused by conscious and unconscious biases.

  • It enhances:

    • Cross-cultural awareness and understanding

    • Open-mindedness to new values and ideas

    • Global mindset and perspective


In-depth training and practical tools for practicing inclusion and equity daily and in the long-term. Strategies for operationalizing inclusion, diversity, and equity, making practicing it second nature.

  • For the general employee population

  • For leaders (Inclusive Leadership)

I facilitate courageous conversations amongst employees, enabling them leverage each other’s stories and experiences to enhance understanding and build solidarity. These safe and brave spaces draw out vulnerability and help people discover, express, explore and deconstruct their biases and experience paradigm shifts.

It will help participants:

  • Cultivate trust, empathy, and a sense of belonging in their teams, organizations and communities.

  • Be and feel seen, heard, known, and valued.

  • Create stronger connections and bonds

  • Heal or begin relevant healing journeys

  • Foster strong relationship building across teams, demographics, and organizational levels.

  • Deepen appreciation for and ability to leverage differences

CBC topics will be chosen by the employees or team, or I might recommend some based on my assessment of what will be most beneficial. Examples of topics include: Authenticity, Cultural Appreciation/Appropriation, Political Correctness, …. etc.

IDE Awareness Training
Cross-cultural Awareness
Inclusive Behaviors
ATA Brown Bags


  • Create a shared understanding of inclusion, diversity, and equity.

  • Develop common language and comfort with discussing IDE-related topics.

  • Understand the importance of IDE to your organization, its mission, and the communities it serves. 

  • Identify some invisible systemic barriers to IDE (including racism), in your industry and society at large.

  • Generate/inspire interest and individual commitment to IDE in the workplace, home, and community.

  • Learn how to use an IDE lens in your everyday work, life, interactions, and strategic thinking.


Inclusive Behaviors

A Taste of Africa (Lunch & Learn)

Community Building Circles (CBC)

  • Foster participants’ abilities to interact effectively and appropriately in a variety of cultural contexts.

  • Enhance cross-cultural understanding and ability to build relationships across cultures.

  • How to cultivate cultural humility and embrace vulnerability, as we never can get fully competent in any particular culture, even those we identify with.

  • How to recruit for cultural add, rather than only the narrower lens of cultural fit, which can cause organizations to overlook opportunities for valuable additions or enhancements to their culture.

  • Increase participants’ appreciation for, and ability to leverage cultural diversity.

Cross-Cultural Awareness and Cultural Humility

(formerly Cultural Competency) Training

UB Training

Building Bridges as a Way for

True and Effective Allyship (Lunch & Learn)

Our communities are increasingly getting more polarized and the tension is obvious in the work environment too. It’s up to us, individuals, to build bridges (to the best of our ability) in our little spheres of influence at work, home, and within the broader community, so we can stand in solidarity and make a difference.

In my earlier years in the USA, I had a hard time believing racism still existed because of my positive personal experiences. Through sustained effort, I eventually recognized how my individual experiences colored my perceptions of the broader reality. I now leverage my experience, transformation, and expertise to build bridges; helping others see what they couldn’t see and strive to become part of the solution. 



In this chat and Q&A, we’ll talk about:

  • Building bridges as a way for true and effective allyship

  • Setche’s evolution to transforming hearts, minds, systems, and behaviors

  • Leveraging authenticity to build bridges

Questions can also be submitted ahead of time.

Keynote Speaking

I provide captivating and enriching keynote addresses for your events.

Keynote speaking
Effective Allyship Training
Building Bridges Lunch & Learn
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