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Employee and Community Engagement and Empowerment

Harnessing the power of community; breeding solidarity and allyship!


I motivate and equip employees to be better community members and leaders through community service, philanthropy, and advocacy. I help them maximize their impact by cultivating empathy and humility through awareness of relevant systemic barriers. I drive employees to maximize their Volunteer Time Off.

I help organizations integrate inclusion, diversity, and equity into their philanthropic practices, harnessing the resulting synergy and enhancing their impact and public image.  This integration helps organizations move away from a charity model and towards a model of solidarity, which is more effective, engaging, and empowering for both the communities, the employees, and the organizations. It also helps avoid the mistakes of sometimes perpetuating inequities through philanthropy.

I support organizations in identifying and building new relationships and strategic alliances within their communities, helping their employees get to know the communities in which they live and work, and contributing to developing a diverse talent pipeline locally.

I help organizations cultivate a culture where employees become allies, not saviors; and practice solidarity, not charity!

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