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Transforming Hearts, Minds, Systems, and Behaviors!

Companies with above-average diversity had 19 percent higher innovation revenues. But diversity is best maximized through inclusion and equity. It’s time to prioritize REAL Inclusion, Diversity & Equity; transforming hearts, minds, systems, and behaviors!

I provide holistic inclusion, diversity, and equity training and consulting services to organizations desiring to maximize the potential and well-being of their employees while concurrently engaging, developing, and empowering their local communities and the world at large.


I am committed to unleashing the compassion and creative geniuses of employees.

Benefits of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (IDE)

In an ever-increasingly disruptive and competitive world, diversity, inclusion, and equity are imperatives in maintaining or gaining competitive advantage. Successful IDE strategies drive profit margins by enhancing:

  • Talent acquisition & retention

  • Employee engagement

  • Innovation

  • Customer relations

  • Brand awareness

  • Expanding markets

  • Productivity gains,

  • Sustainable development, and more

I develop IDE strategies to drive clearly defined organizational outcomes, and identify and mitigate the hidden structural barriers to equity, well-being, and prosperity.


Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Training and Consulting

Making Learning Desirable, Relatable, and Memorable!


Employee and Community Engagement and Empowerment

Harnessing the power of community; breeding solidarity and allyship!

Educational Entertainment

Entertainment That Enlightens!

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