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Certified Diversity Professional

Helping organizations move beyond Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 

rhetoric and symbolism to lasting transformation.

"Transforming Hearts, Minds, Systems, and Behaviors!"

Companies with above-average diversity had 19 percent higher innovation revenues. But diversity is best maximized and leveraged through inclusion and equity. It’s time to prioritize REAL Inclusion, Diversity & Equity; transforming hearts, minds, systems, and behaviors!

I provide holistic inclusion, diversity, and equity (IDE) training and consulting services to organizations desiring to maximize the potential and well-being of their employees while concurrently engaging, developing, and empowering their local communities and the world at large. 

I am committed to unleashing the compassion and creative geniuses of employees

Benefits of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

In an ever-increasingly disruptive and competitive world, inclusion, diversity, and equity (IDE) are imperatives in maintaining or gaining competitive advantage. Successful IDE strategies drive profit margins by enhancing:

Talent acquisition

Employee engagement


Customer relations

Brand awareness

Expanding markets

Productivity gains,

Sustainable development, and more

I develop IDE strategies to drive clearly defined organizational outcomes, and identify and mitigate the hidden structural barriers to equity, well-being, and prosperity.



Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Training and Consulting

Making Learning Desirable, Relatable, and Memorable!


Employee and Community

Engagement and Empowerment

Harnessing the power of community; breeding solidarity and allyship!

Educational Entertainment

Entertainment That Enlightens!


Hi, I’m Setche. I build bridges that maximize human potential.


Let's Connect 


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Roberto Ortega 

Global Innovation Manager,

Caterpillar Inc.

I was impressed with Setche’s leadership in driving an inclusive culture at our facility. Her diversity and inclusion gaps assessment, strategic plan, and implementation drove favorable results in our facility of 1200 employees.

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Faye Levy 

Business Manager,

San Diego Automotive Museum Inc.

I really enjoyed the seminar. Learned a lot and I have been more aware of what is happening around regarding inclusion and diversity. Your openness definitely puts this issue upfront and right were its needed. Hope to have the opportunity to participate in another of your seminars

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